Monday, October 10, 2011

A Radical Thought

I read a cartoon the other day in which a kid, looking at all the socio-economic degradation, deforestation and all the ills in the society says " I wonder if it is possible to refuse inheriting this world" and I wonder the same.

We observe the injustice prevailing in the society around us and we learn to live with it. We adjust because we can not find a way to correct the system. But a very radical thought struck my mind the other day.....What if we shun the system all-together, rather than trying to patch it up every now and then. What if we try to build the system from the scratch. Design it again??

However designing OUR OWN system and running it under the nose of our own government requires guts (first of all) ,tolerance and the strong belief in the system, so much so that even if doing the right thing requires to break certain laws, we are ready for it.

The power always lies in the hands of community and when the people realize this it is possible to create a new world a better world. A parallel governance, parallel economy and a parallel society is the need of the hour.

Those people who are up for the challenge and believe they can create a better world. Who have faith in themselves more than the people who always try to rule them, control them, suppress them and exploit them, please share your ideas....Comment or send me a mail..... I am a maverick....are YOU!!!!!!

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